Review: Stumptown Stages’ Club Morocco 0

Stumptown Stages has attempted to fashion itself an easy-going evening of swing dancing music and fun with its Club Morocco, complete with a dance/supper club, dancers, crooners, full swing band and a comic gangland trifle.

Preview: White Bird Presents – Kidd Pivot 0

White Bird presents Kidd Pivot – Emerging from Pite’s fascination with the unseen forces at work on mind and body, Dark Matters is a brilliant combination of lifelike puppetry and dynamic movement, featuring a haunting original score from long-time collaborator Owen Belton.

Preview: Miracle Theatre Presents – JARDÍN DE SUEÑOS 0

Imagine the impossible, the magnificent, the terrifying … Like a garden of dreams, folktales are filled with legendary creatures who lead us down the paths of discovery. For some, it’s about love; for others, it’s about knowledge.

Preview: Artists Rep Presents Race by David Mamet 0

In Race, two lawyers (one black, one white) take on a case that gets under their skin and exposes a minefield of deep divisions, resentments and bigotry. Mamet’s rapid-fire dialogue, gripping plot and blunt language, thoroughly stripped of polite social convention and rife with provocative humor, is a searing portrait of American discrimination.

Announcement – Broadway Across America Announces 2012-2013 Season 0

I am beyond excited to be posting this latest press release. It’s something that I wait with baited breath for every year – the season schedule – what shows are coming to Portland and when. I’m not going to lie, I squeed a little when I saw the line up. The seasons are a bit […]

Preview: Action/Adventure Theatre Presents – Danny and the Deep Blue Sea 0

Action/Adventure is extremely happy to be trying on a new hat this spring and producing its first published play from an established playwright. While original, ensemble-driven comedy (such as serial hits Fall of The House and Captured by Aliens) has always been the company’s bread & butter, Action/Adventure is expanding its artistic aspirations this spring to the producing of scripted works. This well-known, but rarely produced piece, John Patrick’s Shanley’s Apache Dance, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, is the first exciting step in that evolution.

Review: Willfully Inciting Fire in a Theater (and Your Mind) — Ignite Portland 10 1

Portland’s local tech scene is pretty demanding in the events they put on — they want their geeky, braniac, knowledge-sharing cake, they want it tasty, and they want it entertaining too. And most of all, they want it free, and usually with some local microbrew beer involved. The usual bi-yearly local event at the Bagdad Theater, Ignite Portland 10, fits all these needs and then some.