Review: Post5 Theatre Presents – Scrooge’s Last Christmas 0

Written by Matt Styner

Christmas can be pretty tiring for some of us, what with the festivities starting sometime in early November, sometimes October if you hang around malls a lot… it can wear pretty thin on one’s want to be festive—it’s sometimes enough to make a person feel very opposed to the whole idea, even to the point of saying “Bah Humbug” –though that in and of itself has sort of a Christmas-y undertone… which brings us to a little play entitled “Scrooge’s Last Christmas (or the End of the World Show)” presented by Post5 Theatre, coming to you live at Milepost 5 now through December 22nd.

The play brings back the classic Commedia Dell’arte style which is a structured form of improvisation—so there won’t be much of a commentary here on the “script”. Each cast member has a “mask” of a certain character they are to portray, and need to carry the story along to its completion from nearly nothing into a full story. Of which, the cast does a great job.

Now there are two things you need to know about this show before it begins:

  1. They sell you marshmallows.
  2. You can throw the aforementioned marshmallows at the performers, whenever you feel like it.

No, fact number two is not a game I made up because I’m a 28 year old curmudgeon, but I was certainly excited about it. Though if you do throw marshmallows, be on guard… as the cast will sometimes take it upon themselves to throw them back at you. But don’t worry too much, as it’s just marshmallows.

Marshmallows aside, the cast brings an incredible energy to this show, and with that energy, they focus it like a laser on tickling your funny bone. The show felt like non-stop laughs, with a few jeers here and there (it’s pretty easy to want to boo and hiss at Scrooge, believe it or not), and lots of incredibly funny little surprises here and there.

The cast seems to have a wonderful irreverence of Christmas time, and they make fun of everything Portland they seemingly bring into the show (even a few very very localized references, for those who know the Milepost 5 community). In short, if you need a break from boorish Christmas festivities, check this show out. It’s a great deal of fun, though if you’re taking your Grandmother, you may want to take her to one of the “Family Friendly Matinees” unless she has a really good sense of humor.

Scrooge’s Last Christmas (or the End of the World Show) goes on now through December 22nd at Milepost 5 (850 NE 81st Ave, 97220) every Friday and Saturday night at 10:00pm. Family Friendly matinees are at 5:00pm Saturday, December 15th & 22nd. Tickets are “pay what you will” with a suggested donation of $10, also they have refreshments, so bring some extra if you’d like a drink or some throwing marshmallows.