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In The Spotlight: Adam Bock

In The Spotlight: Adam Bock 0

With an artist’s eye for detail, Obie Award winning playwright and Guggenheim Fellow¬†Adam Bock brings gender, identity, complexity and juxtaposition to the stage by creating “A Small Fire”… On the surface, Canadian-born playwright Adam Bock gives off an air of simple affability. Friendly and engaging, Bock is ready to share, be it personal opinions, insights, […]

Creative Blogging by Oregon Ballet Theatre’s Trisha Mead

Creative Blogging by Oregon Ballet Theatre’s Trisha Mead 0

Whether you are a painter, writer, crafty or just curious about the world around you, a blog can be the perfect platform to launch your creative career to new heights. This 2 hour workshop is a hands on, practical guide to creating and maintaining a blog to showcase your creative projects.

Of Theatre, Babies, Reviews and Press Releases

Of Theatre, Babies, Reviews and Press Releases 2

For those of you that have followed this blog over the last few months, thank you. I’m sure many of you have noticed the lack of postings this past month and there’s a good reason. I should have posted something a LOT sooner, if not for my own peace of mind but as to not leave you, the reader, hanging. My apologies.

Theatres Allowing Texting and Tweeting in Theatres. What do you think? 6

After trying to gather information on this over the last day or two & letting reports and observations come in, I wanted to get this out there to our Portland audiences. Also, should you have the time to read this article written by Trisha Mead, I highly recommend it. It seems that many theatres nationwide […]

Dance Magazine Features Oregon Ballet Theatre Dancer: Candice Bouchard 0

Whenever I see one of my favorite local dancers featured in a national magazine, I get a wee bit excited. What is the article about? Did the dancer write about an experience or share a story that we wouldn’t have heard in the first place? Does it matter what publication it came from? In my […]

Backstage Randomness 0

Here are just a few photos from my time backstage behind the set of the Radio City Rockettes.

I Don’t Think I Qualify 2

So the Radio City Christmas Spectacular was here this past weekend and as many of you know, I had the opportunity to be on the wardrobe crew. I always thought the Rockettes were awesome. I always admired the eye high line kicks with all of those classic looking girls…like they were always stuck in one […]

In One Week, This Will Be Me Again 0

In one week, I will proudly wear my blacks again for something I’m really excited to be working on. It will involve some lightening fast changes, girls with long legs, and an energy I’m sure that will be indescribable. I remember seeing this particular group when I was a little girl and thinking, WOW! I […]