We offer up one of the 80s most iconic films “Flash Gordon” presented as only Stage Works Ink can… come see what Director, Steve Coker does with this comedy gold mine and sing along with the talented cast as they sing 12 songs from QUEEN!The show has a live rock band featuring some of Oregon’s finest musicians from The School of Rock! These teens shred, melt faces, and know their Queen!

Review: Golden Tease with Miss Kennedy

Review: Golden Tease with Miss Kennedy 0

From the outside, it seems that there’s hardly a night in the PDX metro area where there’s not a burlesque entertainment option to take advantage of. So much so that one could easily argue that Portland teeters on the edge of glitter super-saturation, and at some point in the near future, the scene will reach a critical point and erupt like a huge plastic soda bottle full of Burly-Pop that had a hand-full of Mentos dumped into it, spraying everyone with fizzy fun, and making the Willamette shimmer with foil confetti as it gets carried out to the ocean.

Review: Miss Kennedy’s Theatre of Burlesque

Review: Miss Kennedy’s Theatre of Burlesque 0

What modern burlesque is far surpasses the snide stereotypes of a few and brings into the light (and with a whole lotta glitter!) an oft-marginalized segment of society and culture, and that that is the real, self-empowered woman performer.

Preview: Rain Songs Concert

Preview: Rain Songs Concert 1

“Rain Songs”, a concert featuring Portland musicians performing songs and music all about rain

Bad Reputation Productions Presents: The Lost Boys LIVE!

Bad Reputation Productions Presents: The Lost Boys LIVE! 0

Debuting in October, 2012, the staged adaptation of the best movie ever filmed about vampires living in the late 1980′s- THE LOST BOYS (Screenplay by Jefferey Boam). Why The Lost Boys? Because of the oily sax player who shakes is hips in a weird way, that’s why. (Please note, there are moments of adult language and situations involving vampires. Kids may be traumatized.)

Announcement – Broadway Across America Announces 2012-2013 Season 0

I am beyond excited to be posting this latest press release. It’s something that I wait with baited breath for every year – the season schedule – what shows are coming to Portland and when. I’m not going to lie, I squeed a little when I saw the line up. The seasons are a bit […]

Review: Willfully Inciting Fire in a Theater (and Your Mind) — Ignite Portland 10 1

Portland’s local tech scene is pretty demanding in the events they put on — they want their geeky, braniac, knowledge-sharing cake, they want it tasty, and they want it entertaining too. And most of all, they want it free, and usually with some local microbrew beer involved. The usual bi-yearly local event at the Bagdad Theater, Ignite Portland 10, fits all these needs and then some.